Are you as excited as I am or Zion (well before injury) for this Season? Let’s see how well my playoffs seeding goes this year.  BEN SIMMONS J IS ALL I NEEDED TO PUT THE 76ERS COMING OUT THE EAST 1. 76ers 2. Bucks 3. Celtics 4. Raptors 5. Nets 6. Indiana 7. Heat 8….

Revisted: Last Year’s NBA Prediction Fail

NBA SEASON IS BAAACCCCKK!!!  Basketball is my favorite sport I like it when they dribble up and down the court…. NBA Season starts tonight … So I am going to place my bets for my 2019 predictions…. Eastern Conf Playoffs 1. Boston 2. Toronto 3. 76ers 4. Wizards 5. Bucks 6. Pacers 7. Heat 8….

Where Do You Fit in this Equation?

I heard this probably from the first time from my dude Jalen Rose, and I wonder who he got this from. But one of my favorite quotes I like to keep in mind is the following: People come into  your life for one of four reasons: To Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide. You have to…

Wanna Do Vegas.. but Not Crazy? Check out, Hotel Delano!

Vegas can get very redundant. Pool, smoke-filled casinos etc. One of the best and relaxed stays I have had in Vegas has been when I stayed at the Delano. This hotel does not have a casino but is one hallway connected to Mandalay which is a great getaway. The decor (museum-like), atmosphere, lounge vibe made…

Quick & Easy Salmon done in 10min!

This Salmon I combined a lot more spices than I usually do and it came out so tasty! I love salmon for how easy it is to make and the taste and it’s great for protein and healthy omega 3! To start I heated a cast iron skillet with vegetable oil, black peppercorn, rosemary, and…