What To Expect?

I have had the title for this blog for about 3 years and felt the title encompassed a lot of my activities of constant motion, and juggling passions, interests and working at the same time while finding a balance.

You ever have those ideas that stick in your head and you need to jot down unless they won’t leave? Happens to me a lot, and I wanted to create an outlet for those thoughts.. So what to expect?  Pretty much content around, Travel, Fitness, Healthy Eating/ Quick Meals, culture and random ideas. I may not complete a post and just leave it hanging. . . . .

Hey, at least I got it out.

I view travel and exploration as personal catalysts for my growth and development and motion for what to plan for the future. Fitness is the foundation (you look better, you do better) and healthy eating and quick meals are the ways the maintain wellness and stay on your journey…

So I hope there are some nuggets you can walk away with.

Thanks for coming aboard.

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