Wanna Do Vegas.. but Not Crazy? Check out, Hotel Delano!

mandalay bay building
Photo by Miles Crisostomo on Pexels.com

Vegas can get very redundant. Pool, smoke-filled casinos etc. One of the best and relaxed stays I have had in Vegas has been when I stayed at the Delano. This hotel does not have a casino but is one hallway connected to Mandalay which is a great getaway. The decor (museum-like), atmosphere, lounge vibe made it feel like you were in a different part of Vegas. I must say the rooms, staff sets this place apart for a more sober chill in Vegas. …. You still can stay here and party everywhere else. The floors were soooo much quieter because there wasn’t a casino downstairs or grocery for the late night early morning drinks and snacks.


The rooms are also awesome and are a great way to enjoy your night without suffering from poor hotel amenities.


Great scenery and photo Instagram moments from hotel Delano…

I think this was perfect for being close to the scene but not all the way in it.

And when David Guetta is in town on your Bday WKND…. turn up at the pool party!!!


The best of both worlds


(Not Sponsored) =)

Is it pool season yet?!!!


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