Where Do You Fit in this Equation?

    • I heard this probably from the first time from my dude Jalen Rose, and I wonder who he got this from. But one of my favorite quotes I like to keep in mind is the following:

People come into  your life for one of four reasons:

To Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide.

    • You have to know who is trying to do what and that is the hard part.  Let’s break it down hopefully this helps.

Great read on human behavior can be found here:


person cooking red cabbage
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  • Who is adding to your life????
  •  Who gives you things to succeed after knowing your dreams?
  • Adds the key ingredients to help you achieve a goal?
  • Who puts you on to someone who can help you because they care for you that much?
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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


  • Who knows of your goals and finds ways to add revenue, growth, and success to that endeavor?
  • Who believes in you enough that they are willing to invest in you because they believe?
  • Who in your circle has another idea that can help you achieve your goal and expand your revenue? These are the conversations that multipliers will have on your life.
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  • One of the worsts traits
  • Who drains your energy, your resources your time effort and is always an asker or a taker?
  • These people will say “I want and can you do this for me?”


  • Easiest to pinpoint. Who will try to separate you from a group of others only so that they can be closer to you? Emphasis on “Closer


I think we can all have different aspects of these equations but we are mostly dominant in one. I don’t want to be in someone’s life if I am not adding and introspective thinking will allow you to reset your thinking of how you are and how you are perceived.

What value are you adding to your closest relationships? Are you giving and receiving something of great substance that is mutually beneficial?

For More information on human behavior check out

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