Revisted: Last Year’s NBA Prediction Fail


 Basketball is my favorite sport I like it when they dribble up and down the court....neonbrand-308156-unsplash.jpg
NBA Season starts tonight ... So I am going to place my bets for my 2019 predictions....

Eastern Conf Playoffs

1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. 76ers
4. Wizards
5. Bucks
6. Pacers
7. Heat
8. Cavs

Western Conf Playoffs 
1. GS
2. Houston
3. Thunder
4. Jazz
5. Pelicans
6. Lakers
7. Blazers
8. Wolves

Soo. As I am writing this I realize that the Jimmy Butler situation messes up everything. ...Can we hurry this up?!


Champs are Warriors big shock ok...


The Young Bull Sexton! He will have all the energy all the shots besides K. Love.


MVP this is all Lebron but ...... The Brow may get it with a better record and scoring 33+ pts 

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