Miami South Beach: Pros & Cons

#tbt Take me back to South Beach!!

I am a native New York and I just went to southbeach but I went in October 😞 but enjoyed it..


Fountain Bleau Hotel

I stayed for two nights and it was amazing. The pool and parties were fire! Even in the rain. And it was raining while I was in the pool 😞

The Clevelander was the best sports experience I have ever seen! Girls dancing loud music large TV’s for games amazing.

Wet Willies was the place I should have spent as the best pregame $13 for strong drinks

The People

Ummmm everyone was so happy it was like so refreshing and when you live in LA things like that are freshing.


  1. Every place had an 18-20 percent gratuity expensive! Waitresses didn’t care about service because they knew they were making it on the back end.
  2. I didn’t experience the warm weather and beach but it’s ok. I will just plan for warmer non hurricane season
  3. I wanted some incentive for being a resident at the Fountain Bleau. I felt like if I’m staying there maybe my drinks at the hotel bar could be a little cheaper maybe I should get guaranteed entry to LIV. Fountain is expensive but where is the benefit

All in all I will be back🙌🏿

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